Who dares to defy the people’ will? Who dares to chain Egypt for an hour?

"We know who caused our wounds\ we know and gathered\ we, labor peasants and students \ we began walking through a path without return\ a new era began\victory drew closer than our eyes\ victory drew closer than our hands." Ahmad Fuad Nejm


Young people, full of life, wanted to achieve social justice and put an end to the reign of tyranny, where no masters, no slaves, no princes or sultans, only equal citizens in rights and duties. They adored freedom and understood they could enjoy it only in a free country, where factories are built instead of palaces, gardens are constructed instead of prisons, and security overwhelms rather than fear. They wanted to live in a country that provides a decent life for all its citizens, rather than paving the way for corruption to grow and for wealth to accumulate in the hands of opportunists. Citizens want to be partners in the decision making process that defines and determines their future. They do not want anyone to take advantage of them, they refuse slavery and negligence.

The vivid young of Egypt knew who caused their wounds, and realized that Egypt is heading into an abyss if they do not act and make the crucial historic moment that completes the revolutions of 1919 and 1952:

"We are the soldiers, we are the sweat, we are the writing on paper, we are the ones who make the clock clicks."

They rushed while calling upon their people:" come and join us\before Egypt sinks with us\embrace us embrace us."

The country embraced its youth. The hands of men, women, young and adults of all categories tangled and knitted together. They did not wait for a political party or an incitement from abroad. They were inspired by their glorious history and great civilization as their thunderous voice cursed silence and humiliation:

"We will not surrender\we will not bow\we hated the low voice", "people of ancient civilization and years of glory…will not incline their heads until the Day of Judgment."

They raised their voices:"raise your voices as other people do\we can no more tolerate injustice."

 The Tunisian fire inflamed them:"Beloved Tunisian people…the sun of the revolution will not set or go down."

The Egyptians received the sign of democracy and broke the wall of fear:"let's surmount fear…let the world wake up and see."


Proud of their identity, they exercise their democratic right of expression:"one, two…we are the Egyptians." They call their people to knock the door of freedom:"You Egyptian awaken your soul…freedom is an open door." They are fully aware that freedom is impossible under the military rule:"Freedom, freedom, where are you? State security stands between me and you", "Freedom, Freedom, where are you? The Emergency Law blocks you."

They identified the traitor:"The one who kills his people is a traitor from head to heal."

They expressed their legitimate rights:"Strike is a completely legitimate right against poverty and hunger", "Raise the minimum wages; otherwise, all the people will revolt", "It is my right to live and have a job… little money is not enough." They also associate their economic rights with human dignity and universal freedoms: "Bread…freedom…human dignity."


They define their demands clearly; they want the fall of the regime as a whole, not only certain individuals. The Egyptians will not bear any longer the symbols of corruption, injustice or tyranny "The people want to overthrow of the regime"; they insist on victory and nothing less than that, even if the price is their blood and souls:

"Revolution until victory…revolution in all the streets of Egypt", "we are all Khaled Sa'eed", "We sacrifice our blood and soul for the sake of our homeland."


The angry crowd assembled in a gorgeous painting, shoulder to shoulder and hand with hand, each one holds the flag of Egypt and writes his own slogan with his pen and heart, holding with his brothers their country flag.  This is a radiant and magnificent picture of diversity and unity:

"We want a civil state, not a sectarian one", "No to sectarianism or factionalism."


Great people of Egypt, you win…you are victorious: Great Arabs of Egypt "when you start your battle, you will throw your wedges at the hearts of those who slaughtered your sons…you are an Arab, and they know it."

You were always a source of inspiration to the Arab people…and still you remain!