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The Political Role of Palestinian Women in the 1930s

As part of our investigation on the political participation of the Palestinian woman during the 1930’s we addressed men and women narrators with questions that cover up part of the shortage in the written political history of women.

We investigated the women group named “Kassam Sisters” previously investigated under oral history for the 1930’s. We discussed the women participation in politics during this period, with emphasis on the villages, since previous studies highlighted the shortage of information on the women struggle before the year 1948 in particular with regards to village women.

Have Palestinian women participated, to start with, in politics during that period of history? If the answer is positive, then was this participation major as the study assumes or marginal as some of the history books narrate? What was the role village woman during that political period?

Our study focused on the village woman role without undermining the role of the city woman. We tried to uncover and evaluate what has not been clarified by written history.


Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Center / UNESCO – Al-Bireh – Palestine, 2015