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Stop The Aggression! Scheherazade said! A Narration from Khan Younes Massacre

Scheherazade said:

… And when it was the tenth day of the Israeli savage aerial, navel & ground aggression on the sublime Gaza Strip by missiles, warplanes, gunboats, and air raids … Refaat Qissees, the General Manager of Defense for Children International, Palestine Branch, talked to me about the human casualties caused by the Israeli aggression that the occupation so-called " Operation Protective Edge". He said:" So far we have 230 Martyrs, 45 of them are children, and we have more than 1685 injured". Then he added with censure, "The savage Israeli war machine is totally ignoring International Law which forbids air, naval or ground raids that target civilians at houses, streets, schools and places of worship. He also mentioned that the soldiers of the occupation forces killed more than 1,440 children, kidnapped 8,000 since 2000. He also told me that Israel arrests 700 Palestinian children every year! 94% of the detained children are interrogated for 2 weeks and prevented from prosecution in the courts of law; Israel deprives those kids from seeing their families; an act that is utterly against International Law and humanity".

O my lovely audience! Another man talked to me this time from the wounded neighborhood Khan Younes! It was Ahmad Al Masri who told me that Mohammad Kaware' – a witness who was out of breath with eyes full of tears:" we used to watch massacres on TV, committed by the occupation forces, but this time it was us! It was our families and neighborhood! They are killed without mercy, with no sanctions … without human conscious".

Kaware' shouted loud:" Stop the aggression! Stop the war destructive machine! Stop this genocide! Stop killing the old and young!" and then he had a minute of silence to catch his breath pull himself together. He continued describing the incidents of the massacre: "My sister in law received a phone call from the Israeli Intelligence ordering her to leave the house at 3:00 am, Tuesday morning the 5th of July 2014, which was the 18th of Ramadan 1435 Hijri, stating that the house will soon be shot down by Israeli missiles from an M16 Warplane … and so she went out with all the family members. They thought that they have escaped death, and so they went back home after watching the Israeli missile destroying their home! They went to check up on what's left of their house … they wanted to give the walls a farewell touch! It's been a moment or less and without any alarm they have been attacked by another missile that turned them and the walls into pile!" Kaware' added: "I left my wife and kids and went back to the family house to see the bodies of the deceased children scattered over the street! Bleeding! I couldn't believe my eyes! I witnessed the murder of 8 members of my family … 8 Martyrs, 5 of them were children: Basem Salem Jawara' a beautiful 10 year old boy, Hussain Yousef Hussain Kaware' our cute-naughty 13 year old teen, Abdullah Hamed Kaware' our innocent 6 year old boy. 25 of our neighbors who went inside the house sometime between the 2 missiles; were wounded, one of them martyred later due to his severe injury; he was just a little boy who couldn't live to his 8th birthday: Siraj Abdul A'al."

O ladies and gentlemen! Do you believe that the Israeli occupation forces in their trial to justify the second shelling they claimed that the second missile was shot due to an unwilled defect causing terrible casualties. According to the preliminary investigation claimed to be done by the Israeli occupation! As declared by an Israeli website newsletter!

"There was nothing that could be done while the missile was in the sky heading to the house! And there was no way of redirecting it whiles the family members were going back home! It was a terrible mistake that happened because the house was thought to be empty"

But Muhammad Kaware' disproved the occupation army's narrative and he stated: "The Israeli warplane could verily see that the house was teeming with people! And that they were going back to check up on their house! The Israeli warplane pilot could distinguish the presence of kids as the warplane was still there roaming nearby in the sky!"

After that Muhammad couldn't speak any further when he heard through the radio the Israeli Army spokesman declaring that Israel is preparing for a ground invasion for the sublime Gaza Strip … and that their preparations are almost done …and… and… The morning came in, and here Scheherazade said:" If Israel left me to live one more night I shall continue this story!"