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The Mirror of Memory: Pictures and belongings of Palestinians displaced in 1948

The Palestinians who were expelled from their homeland in 1948 tried to make a life for themselves in the cities, villages, and camps of their exile, but they never gave up their dream of return. They carried identification documents such as passports, and proof of profession documents. They also carried agricultural and carpentry tools, as well as brass items, picture frames, head scarves, and keys and padlocks to their homes. The things they carried with them reflected their attachment to a dream, and the desire to change it to a reality.

The photos and belongings in the book speak for themselves. They contribute to enrich the Palestinian narrative, which talks about the life of Palestinians from different social and religious backgrounds, in both Palestinian cities and villages. 

Through photographs the people of Palestine rise up to be seen: a people with a violated land, a history that needs to be recorded and a life worthy of regaining.