The Political Role of Palestinian Women in the 1940s

In our efforts to investigate Palestinian woman participation in politics during the 1940’s we addressed narrators, men and women. We had certain knowledge of the deficiency in the written history regarding women participation in politics in the 1940’s, in particular during the period 1939-1947. In addition we investigated the role of the secret women organization “Zahrat Al-Uqhuwan” as the history books recorded to have been established in 1948. We intended to know their real political role even through the Palestinian immigration year 1948, trying to record the agony and suffering of the Palestinian women and people during this period. Was the participation done by the city women or also by the villagers? Was it political? What about the military participation?

Our efforts, when investigating the narrators’ statements, were focused on what is not clarified by the written history. The written history records could be confirmed; others could be corrected, leaving the information in the hands of the researchers to benefit from.

“The Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Center / UNESCO – Al-Bireh – Palestine, 2006”