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The Political Role of Palestinian Women in 1950-1965

In our efforts to investigate Palestinian woman participation in politics during the 1950’s till the mid 1960’s, we addressed narrators, men and women. We had certain knowledge of the deficiency in written history regarding women participation in politics during that time period. This deficiency is in particular related to documenting Palestinian women participation within Arab organizational parties, and their work to establish alliances, unions, and organizations, out of Palestine. Needless to refer to her political participation that was never documented, and was never known or acknowledged.

We intended to investigate the participation of women in the fifties until the mid sixties in political work to reach the nature of this participation and its effectiveness. Was it a major participation, in the city and the countryside? Did women participate in all areas of political action? Did they add to their roles? Did they have a military role? What is the nature of their organizational work?


Published by: The Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Center / UNESCO – Al-Bireh – Palestine, 2009