To Faisal

In his Memorial Ceremony / Amman / 15 September 2006


Tears return to every weeping eye,
Because they do not resemble you
Nor does the sun,
Nor do the moon and stars,
Nor do precious stones
You, only, can resemble yourself


No cloud can embrace you,
Clouds are too small
Our eyes
Are your only resting place


You struck your poisonous sword
You threw your blind spear
Confront me, oh stealthy departure!
Show me all your moves,
Act like a knight,
And I will declare battle!


When I come close
Your water touches me,
It overwhelms me
Extend your arms, my friend
Embrace me under your coat

Together we stay

Your bright childhood
Your perpetual youth
Your illuminating intelligence
Your beaming heart
Your fruitful kindness
Your lightening eyes
Your storming questions
Your profound answers
Your sarcastic humor
Your upright body
Your wandering steps
Your charming stand
Your lands of wheat
Your heart of pearls
Your fertile soul
Together we stay

Written by : Faiha Abdulhadi
Translated by: Tamer Abughazaleh