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Selected Poems

Raed Hammoudeh (Al Bireh) Age:30

I’m not looking for cameras
I keep my face covered
I discover him

I discover him
A gunman with a silencer

He discovers…

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I narrate my tales
I twist the necks of time
I extract my past –
I exist.

I enter into history, beautiful and radiant.

I spread my robe –…

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When you’re away
I confess
That the earth rotates
The wind blows
The windmill revolves

When you’re here
I confess
That the solid…

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You shall not escape
Shall not enjoy your sleep or wakefulness

Before you
Our dreams
and eyes

Before you
Our Walls

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I slowly grind
Those questions that await no answer,

I tenderly shake
Those taboos embedded in my thought,

My eyelashes embrace
Those truest…

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In her fifties,
A woman’s chest
Carries the peaches of childhood,
The Butter of the youth,
And the olives of old age

In her fifties,

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In his Memorial Ceremony / Amman / 15 September 2006


Tears return to every weeping eye,
Because they do not resemble you
Nor does the sun,…

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Along the seashore, I walk
With their magic, those trees embrace me
They swing me
Between their braches I roll
Within my chest, my heart rolls

Within the streets, I…

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The affection
Of pens to their length,
Of Paper to its words,
Of Words to their letters,
Of letters to their salt

The affection
Of birds…

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